12th Sep – Fundraising for SafeHands for Mothers

On Wednesday, the 12th of September, the charity SafeHands for Mothers hosted the Zonta London II club for the evening for a private screening of their newest film Hibo’s Story, before the premiere of the film in October.

The director, also the founder of SafeHands for Mothers, Nancy Durrell McKenna has been a member of Zonta London II for the past fifteen years and was thrilled to have the chance share their latest film. Hibo’s Story showcases the experiences of SafeHands Ambassador and Anti-FGM Campaigner, Hibo Wardere. Hibo shares her experiences being cut at just six years old, and moving to the UK and learning more about FGM, and how she has become one of the leading anti-FGM campaigners in Britain.

SafeHands for Mothers  is one of our service projects – read more here about the projects we support! 


Nancy Durrell McKenna, founder of SafeHands for Mothers, together with Hibo Wardere, Anti-FGM Campaigner.


Nancy Durrell McKenna, the producer and director, talked about the making of this film


Zonta London 2011 Marathon Runner Announced

To donate to our London Marathon 2011 runner and support our work with Safe Hands for Mothers, Eaves and Zonta International projects use our safe online donation facility with PayPal below.

Your generous donation will help advance the status of women worldwide.

Laithwaites Zonta & Safe Hands for Mothers Fundraiser

Many of us members, with friends and family had gathered at the Laithwaites at Vinopolis on the evening of April 14 to promote our runner in the London Marathon, Katy Wesley, and to taste some good wines and enjoy an evening together, all in the spirit of raising some funds for our good causes.

There were wine to sip and spit of various origins and colour, or to buy, if you were so inclined, food to go with it and a very inspirational talk by David Sheppard about ‘The battle of Marathon’. It was clear to everyone that David is passionate about the subject and he delivered a very inspirational talk about the origins of the Marathon and how it came to where it is today.

Today is Katy Wesley and she made us all proud. A modest and inspirational young women who managed, not only to raise a substantial amount of money for Zonta and Safe Hands for Mothers, but also to run at her personal best. A great achievement and in good Zonta spirit!

The tasting evening was appreciated by all and may well be repeated another year. English wines, maybe?